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Real Estate Market Colorado Springs, CO Jun 22 2007

Colorado Springs, the second largest city, (Second to Denver), in the state of Colorado, has a population of about 350,000. The city has all the comforts of other large cities in the United States, but not the problems with smog and traffic.

This makes the city of Colorado Springs one of the best places to live in the United States.  Real estate investors have also have an interest in the city.
The market conditions for Colorado Springs real estate are not in favor of sellers right now.  In fact, buyers have control of the market.  Houses currently spend about 2 months on the market.  The average home sells for about $277,000.  The average home price has been rising over the past few months and is expected to continue to rise.
There is much hope the in a few years Colorado Springs real estate, will catch up with real estate in Denver .  The job market is expected to increase bringing in at least 10,000 new jobs.  Whenever there is a boom in the job market in a city, there is a subsequent boom in the real estate market.
This is expected for Colorado Springs real estate.
New construction will bring in a much needed supply for the increase in the job market.  This will lead to seller control of the market.
Colorado Springs real estate investors would do best to purchase real estate in the city now.  Since buyers have control of the market, investors will be able to negotiate lower prices on even the high-end real estate.  Once investors have purchased the property they should avoid selling for a few years until the market has begin to favor sellers.
Investors that currently hold Colorado Springs real estate should also hold their properties until market conditions improve for sellers.  It is unlikely that high profits will be gained from Colorado Springs real estate at this point in time.
There is hope for investors to make a profit on Colorado Springs real estate right now.  That can be done through the purchase of foreclosed real estate.
 Since the foreclosed real estate is auctioned off and sold at a price much lower than market value, investors have a better chance of getting profits this way. 
If you are considering purchasing a foreclosed home, it is best to research the market value of the home before making the final purchase.  This way you will be able to tell how much you will be able to sell the house for.  It would be unfortunate to pay a high price for Colorado Springs real estate and not be able to resell it and make a financial profit.
Although the Colorado Springs real estate market does not favor sellers at this point, like denver real state , that does not mean that all hope is lost.  The expected job market boom and increasing economic status of the city will serve to improve the market conditions in the city.
 If you are currently a buyer for Colorado Springs real estate it is in your best interest to buy now before the prices begin to rise.  Sellers of Colorado Springs real estate should hold their properties until market conditions change.
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