City transport

Fast, frequent, safe and efficient, the city's public transport is overseen by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC); for all TTC inquiries, call the customer information line on tel 416/393-4636, or, for the hearing impaired, tel 416/481-2523 (both phone lines operate daily 8am-5pm). The TTC's integrated network of subways, buses and streetcars serves every corner of the city. With the exception of downtown, where all the major sights are within easy walking distance of each other, your best option is to use public transport to hop between attractions - especially in the cold of winter or the sultry summertime.

The core of the city's public transport, Toronto's subway pivots on a simple, two-line system. The Bloor-Danforth line cuts east to west along Bloor, and the Yonge-University-Spadina line forms a loop heading north from Union Station along University Avenue and Yonge. Transferring between the two lines is possible at three stations only: Spadina, St George and Bloor-Yonge. The subway operates Mon-Sat 6am-1am, Sun 9am-1am. A single journey costs $2 (local students and seniors $1.40, and children under two travel free), and tickets are available at all subway stations. Metallic tokens can also be used, but are impossibly small and difficult to keep track of. More economically, a batch of five tickets or tokens can be bought for $8.50, $17 for ten, at any station and at most convenience stores and newsstands. Each ticket or token entitles passengers to one complete journey of any length on the TTC system. If this involves more than one type of transport, it is necessary to get a paper transfer at your point of entry (there are automatic machines that provide transfers at all subway stations). A day-pass costs $7, and provides one adult with unlimited TTC travel all day on Saturdays and after 9.30am on weekdays. On Sundays, the same pass becomes a terrific deal for families: it covers up to six people - only two of which can be adults.

Supplementing the subway are the TTC's buses and streetcars . The system couldn't be simpler, as a bus and/or streetcar station adjoins every major subway stop. Prices are the same as for the subway, and each ticket or token entitles passengers to one complete journey of any length on the TTC system. Transfers to the subway from buses and streetcars are available from the driver.

The TTC has a Request Stop Program , which allows women travelling alone and late at night to get off buses whenever they want, and not necessarily at regular TTC stops.

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