The turismo , c/Larga 39 (Mon-Fri 8am-2pm & 5-8pm, Sat 10am-2pm; tel 956 331 150), is located halfway along the town's pedestrianized main street, to the north of the focal Plaza del Arenal. For accommodation , the best budget rooms are at PensiA?n Los Amarillos , c/Melina 39 (tel 956 342 296; a?¬12-18), which you reach by turning left from the bus station and walking three blocks. The nearby Hostal Las Palomas , c/Higueras 17 (tel 956 343 773; a?¬12-18), also has clean and simple rooms, while a bit further out in the suburbs is the good-value Albergue Juvenil , Avda. Carrero Blanco 30 (tel 956 143 901; under a?¬12), with a pool; bus #9 from outside the bus station will take you there. Moving upmarket, there's the excellent Hostal San AndrA©s , c/Morenos 12 (tel 956 340 983, fax 956 343 196; a?¬18-27), which has rooms with bath, and the friendly Hotel Torres , c/Arcos 29 (tel 956 323 400, fax 956 321 816; a?¬36-48), both northeast of the bus station, with similar facilities and charming patios. For food there are tapas bars and eating places all over the central zone; one of the best tapas venues is Juanito , c/PescaderA­a Vieja 4 (off the east side of the central Plaza del Arenal) and, right opposite in the same alleyway, is a decent modest-priced restaurant, Almenas , with a budget menA?.

The train and bus stations are more or less next door to each other, eight blocks east of the GonzA?lez bodega and Plaza del Arenal.

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